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Qingdao Best diatomite co.,ltd. is a newly arisen business enterprise that an adoption modernization produce the equipments with the craft, strict quantity control system, the profession is engaged in diatomite and activated bleaching earth and kaolin(china clay) to produce.Company product various quantities index sign all attains with exceed the local and advanced level, the year produces the ability amount to 14000 ton(diatomite) and 10000 ton(activated bleaching earth) and 20000 ton(kaolin-china clay).The company product got the approbation of the domestic usage factory house, and Hong Kong, Korea, Japan waits the nation with Europe, is current one of the biggest exporter in domestics.
At the same time, the company also concentrates on the manufacturing that diatomite produce equipments in many years producing the empirical foundation, combining successful making for several factories house and installed the whole set of diatomite production line.The fist product of the company is;The paper bag of diatomite packs, the packs, beating to give etc. an equipments, received the results out of the ideal in the machine product usage in customer.
The " tries to be practical" is the root of the company," creative" is we not the pursues.The " quantity the first, prestige highest" is ours aim.Help originally possessed in diatomite an of the foundation is last, new develop the diatomite fill a good opinion for, using should protect in the cosmetics wet, abrasive, and the industry uses to carry waits more than ten specieses, now already the batch quantity produces and throwing in the market, winning the customer.
We wish together national every locality, the international community cooperate with the friend of the region with all sincerity, establishing to erupt the exhibition trade relation.

Qingdao Best Diatomite CO., LTD.
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